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Our Mission


Healthy Perspectives is a top-ranked health and wellness center specializing in natural approaches to achieve optimal quality of life encompassing nutrigenomics, genotyping, balancing body chemistry, weight loss and management, and educative sessions focused on holistic practices nestled in the town of Payson, Arizona.  Offering a multitude of services, CNHP and owner Cindy Bryant devotes individualized attention to each client through consultative methods and analysis of their specific body chemistry. Whether it’s weight loss, weight management, detoxification programs, personalized nutritional regimes, or comprehensive information and coaching sessions, Healthy Perspectives’ goal is to help you achieve your best self.

Healthy Perspectives’ philosophy and approach is taking all aspects of an individual into account to discover the root causes of imbalances in the body that manifest as “dis-ease”.  Every person is a whole being whose health and best quality of life is affected by:

  • Nutrition = What a person puts in their body

  • Emotional Well-being = Habits of Thought / Learned and practiced behaviors

  • Environment = What a person puts on their body, absorbs through their skin, and what they are exposed to in their physical environment


Healthy Perspectives through effective tools such as genotyping utilizing nutrigenomics, polymorphic medicine and epigenetics, DNA discovering secretor status.  As well as, pH analysis & balance, soft tissue hair analysis, and many other services to help you balance your specific body chemistry so you can feel great inside and out. With lifestyle coaching, high-quality supplements, and specialized nutritional regimes designed for you,

Healthy Perspectives helps you achieve and maintain your fantastic quality of life goals.

Informed and individualized health plans are key to natural balance. Cindy Bryant is here to share her wealth of knowledge and proven experience. You know how you want to look and feel. Now, learn how you can get there in an informative meeting with Cindy or at one of her FREE information sessions! You deserve to live your best life.



Nutrigenomic DNA Analysis
Balance Body Chemistry
Customized Weight Management Programs
Soft Tissue Analysis/Hair Analysis
Individualized Nutritional Consultations
Education & Lifestyle Coaching
Food Preparation/Cooking Classes
​Natural Health Education

Vibrational Health & Well-Being

Cooking Class
Diet Plan
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