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Hair Analysis & Weight Management

Weight loss is a large topic with many facets. Diet should never be overlooked. Hair analysis and proper supplementation can help enormously to identify metabolic imbalances contributing to obesity and monitor their correction. Commitment is required, as correcting body chemistry may take several years.

Today’s Food

A significant amount of our food is of very poor quality, its content of minerals and vitamins a fraction of that of a century ago. This is well docu­mented by agencies such as the United States Department of Agriculture.

Some of the cause is our agriculture. Hybrid crops produce many more pounds of food per acre. Each plant, however, contains many fewer minerals. Lacking the trace elements needed for good nutri­tion, modern fertilizers mainly stimulate growth. Pesticides used on crops damage soil microorganisms, further diminishing plant nutrition.

Even with meat and dairy, the emphasis is on production, not on nutritional quality. Animals are fed cheap grains instead of grass and are administered even more antibiotics than the human popula­tion. Transporting food great distances also diminishes its nutritional content. Fortunately, higher quality organic food is now available in many areas.

Many people live on refined foods in which most of the remaining nutrients have been stripped away. This includes white sugar, white flour and white rice. Bland tasting, salt, sugar and fat are added to provide some flavor. However, all the trace minerals have been removed from the salt and the sugar. The oils are highly processed, hardly fit for human consumption. Often artificially hardened, they can be thoroughly toxic products.

Many people overeat on this deficient food in order to obtain even a modicum of nutrition. It is amazing more people are not overweight. When they switch to fresh, organically grown food, most report eating much less. Weight loss occurs with little effort.

Improper Diet And Hurried Lifestyles

Poor food quality is not the only problem. Many people eat very unbalanced diets with few vege­tables and too much carbohydrate. Bread, pasta, potatoes, milk and cereal are their main fare. Many more live mainly on junk food. They fill up on potato chips, doughnuts and cookies, cakes, candies, colas and ice cream. Reducing carbohydrates in the diet will cause weight loss for most people.

Many people eat while working or driving, in front of the refrigerator or while talking on the phone. Cats and dogs have far more sense. They stop eating when disturbed and will not resume until they relax. Poor eating habits ruin even the best food. The result is a desire to eat even more to obtain one’s nutrients.

Deranged Body Chemistry

Deficient food, unbalanced diets and poor eating habits lead to nutritional deficiencies and excessive toxins affecting every organ and system of the body. Slow metabolizers often have impaired thyroid activity and sluggish elimination. Fast metabolizers often retain water and high cortisol levels cause fat deposition. When one does not feel well, one may eat just for pleasure. Obesity is the unintended result.

Impaired body chemistry contributes to food sensitivities. These can often cause weight gain. Wheat and dairy products are the most common offenders, and most people feel better avoiding them. Prescription and over-the-counter drugs can lead to additional toxicities that may possibly contribute to obesity.

Hair Analysis And Obesity

Restoring a toxic body can be complex. Diges­tion is often impaired, cravings may be intense, and glands may not function well. Hair analysis is excellent to help sort this out and monitor the correction process.

A high calcium/magnesium ratio often indicates excessive carbohydrate in the diet. A phosphorus level less than 14 mg% indicates im­paired digestion or synthesis of protein, and perhaps low protein in the diet.

Low levels of sodium and potassium, or a low sodium/potassium ratio are associated with low hydrochloric acid, impaired digestion and a ten­dency for hypoglycemia or diabetes.

A high sodium level or high sodium/potassium ratio is associated with water retention that may contribute to obesity.

Elevated toxic metals interfere with digestion and utilization of food. Elevated copper in slow metabolizers indicates a tendency for candida albi­cans infection, even if symptoms are not present. This can create food cravings and interfere with nutrient absorption.

A slow metabolic rate, even without elevated toxic metals, frequently indicates a toxic liver since slow oxidizers have much more difficulty eliminating all toxic substances. It is also associated with impaired thyroid and adrenal activity, another cause of obesity.

It is important to recall that a hair analysis only reveals the top ‘layer’ of metabolism. Correction requires time - often several years - to remove layers of adaptations and compensations. Explaining this is important, as many people expect instant results. In the author’s experience, anyone who sticks with a program, especially the diet and lifestyle, will achieve results. Unlike many quick weight loss diets, the other health benefits of rebuilding body chemistry are immeasurable. Detoxification proced­ures like colonic irrigation and far-infrared sauna therapy may also be very helpful for weight loss.


General Hints For Weight Loss

  • Food should be organically grown and as fresh and natural as possible. Carbohydrates need to be reduced and refined carbohydrates eliminated completely.

  • Eliminate all foods containing wheat, dairy and refined sugar. Many individuals are allergic to wheat and dairy, which are also high in carbohy­drates. They often inflame the intestines, leading to toxic conditions. Sugar deranges body chemistry, often leading to cravings and more serious diseases.

  • Eliminate junk fats. These are margarines, Crisco, shortening and all vegetable oils except coconut, olive and flaxseed oils. This means elim­inating most fried food, chips, candies, cookies and other processed foods. Most people who live on natural foods - vegetables, meats, eggs, goat milk and cheese, nuts, seeds and a little fresh fruit do not have a weight problem.

  • Drink enough good-quality water. A good rule of thumb is a quart for every 50 pounds of body weight. Avoid tap water unless you remove its chlorine and fluoride. Green tea is very high in fluoride. These chemicals are potent thyroid inhibi­tors. Soy also contains thyroid inhibitors and may not be beneficial. Distilled, reverse osmosis or spring water is best. Good water is an excellent investment in your health.

  • Eat according to your metabolic type. Use the hair analysis as a guide.

  • Choose healthful eating and living habits. Eat regular sit-down meals and rest a few minutes after each meal. Avoid skipping meals, eat slowly and chew thoroughly. You will fill up much faster this way. Get enough rest and sleep, exercise gently, breathe deeply and think positively. Don’t make excuses as to why you are unable to do these things. Just keep at it and use whatever gimmicks and support systems you require. Make detoxification procedures part of your lifestyle.

  • If overeating is a problem, notice when you eat. Distract yourself, substitute other activities, avoid tempting people, places, or activities, don’t keep junk food around the house and get your friends and partner to help you, not oppose you. If necessary, overeat on more healthful foods until cravings can be brought under control. Correcting body chemistry may take several years but is well worth the effort.

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