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Cindy Bryant, CNHP, FIfHI


Fellow of the Institute for Human Individuality (FIfHI)

Founder & Owner of Healthy Perspectives 

With her encyclopedic knowledge and personal triumphs over seemingly insurmountable health obstacles, Cindy devotes special care to every person that comes through her door.
 Healthy Perspectives is a wellness center that shifts your thinking and your body onto the right track. Take your first step to a better you. Come in and find out how Cindy can help you discover your best self. It’s the natural choice.


Nutrigenomic DNA Analysis
Balance Body Chemistry
Customized Weight Management Programs
Soft Tissue Analysis/Hair Analysis
Individualized Nutritional Consultations
Education & Lifestyle Coaching
​Natural Health Education
Vibrational Health & Well-Being
My Story


Anything Cindy Bryant puts her investigative mind to she solves. After a successful 25-year-plus career as an executive and Organizational Change Consultant in the Information Technology Services (ITS) consulting industry, including working for the largest ITS company in the world, Cindy returned to her love for natural things. From a young age, she made connections between dis-ease in the body and their varying origins. She identified links between nutrition, emotional state through habits of thought, and environmental factors. These observations would later provide her with the uncanny perception to identify root causes in her clients’ health challenges.

Support from a Naturopathic Medical Doctor (NMD) further fueled her wellness goals, A life-changing decision to complete the corporate chapter of her story propelled Cindy into her passion for wellness. Drawn to a nutritionally-focused health and wellness curriculum, she went to work for the NMD of whom she was originally a patient. Cindy functioned as the NMD’s right hand person and absorbed the doctor’s knowledge with firsthand experience.

Cindy became a Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP) in 2002 from Trinity School of Natural Health. In 2004, her desire to weave the health of the body, mind, and spirit launched Healthy Perspectives, her own health and wellness practice. In 2006, Cindy and her husband relocated to the beautiful Rim Country in Payson, Arizona where she soon earned a Certificate in Alternative Healing from Gila Community College.

After trying every diet out there, eating the “right” healthy foods, portion control, working with professional trainers, and regular exercise, she still could not shed a weight problem. In 2008, Cindy was introduced to a highly successful European weight loss method that was being introduced to health professionals in the United States. She gave it a try and the results were amazing! Cindy lost 75 pounds in 23 weeks and has continually kept 50 of those pounds off into the present day!

With a new lease on life and a new body, Cindy incorporated the Ideal Protein weight loss method into her health and wellness practice along with her customized weight loss protocols and regimes specific to each individual and their unique body chemistry. Today, it’s known as the Healthy Perspectives Wellness Program. Cindy and her practice soon soared to the top three health and weight loss clinics in the country that utilize the Ideal Protein weight loss method and 16th among 2,500 institutions worldwide, winning the Award of Excellence and Distinction.

Her skills travel far beyond weight loss/management programs, however. In 2010, Cindy discovered the wonder of Nutrigenomics (the interaction of nutrition and genes), Polymorphic Medicine (genetic variations in DNA sequence among individuals that may underlay differences in health), and Epigenetics (study of biological mechanisms that switch gene expression on and off). By 2011, Cindy successfully completed training and testing to become a Fellow of the Institute for Human Individuality (FIfHI).

Cindy’s expertise encompasses utilizing soft tissue analysis/hair analysis, pH balance, vibrational health tools, specialized detoxification programs, genotyping, specialized systemic enzyme therapies, lifestyle coaching, DNA secretor status, and much more to guide her clients to their highest quality of life.

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