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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

Meet Cindy

Cindy Bryant, CNHP, FIfHI


Fellow of the Institute for Human Individuality (FIfHI)

Founder & Owner of Healthy Perspectives 

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Healthy Tips & Recipes


Healthy Perspectives’ philosophy and approach is taking all aspects of an individual into account to discover the root causes of imbalances in the body that manifest as “dis-ease”. Every person is a whole being whose health and best quality of life is affected by:

  • Nutrition = What a person puts in their body

  • Emotional Well-being = Habits of Thought / Learned and practiced behaviors

  • Environment = What a person puts on their body, absorbs through their skin, and what they are exposed to in their physical environment

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Personalized Health & Wellness Counseling


A great way to start is at one of Cindy’s FREE lectures given every 4-6 weeks right here at the wellness center in Payson, Arizona. Let her vast knowledge and proven experience help you co-create your best self.  Click here to see all of the services we offer to help you get to a Better You.

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616 So. Beeline Hwy., Suite 2, Payson, Arizona  85541

Call Cindy today and start feeling better tomorrow!


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