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Why your Genotype Matters!

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Take it to the Next Level

The Genotype Diet is your opportunity to deepen your understanding of personalized medicine. The Blood Type Diet gives you the basic tools for determining your biochemical individuality, the Genotypes are a more refined, complete and accurate way of understanding the human body than blood type alone. Blood type is determined by one gene--- one out of 30,000! That single marker gives us an extraordinary amount of useful information, as millions of Blood Type Dieters can attest. The GenoType Diet reflects the activity of many other genes, not just the one that determines blood type. While blood type is an important aspect of Genotyping, its not the only gene that matters. Also, unlike blood type, the Genotype Diet reflects both genetics and epigenetics. This wider base of information allows us to come up with more detailed and flexible diets that are even better geared toward your individual needs.

What Exactly Is a GenoType?

GenoType: A Revolution in Medicine

Your DNA, passed down to you by your parents, is the blueprint that determines who you are. Your eye color, blood type and the diseases that you may be predisposed to, are all part of your genetic make-up. It was long though that your genome squarely determined your health and vulnerability to certain health conditions but, ground breaking research of the past decade has determined that this is not the case. Scientists have discovered that your environment plays an important roll in activating certain genes, particularly those related to disease. They’ve found that the lifestyle choices we make, including nutrition, and exercise can “turn on” and “turn off” certain genes through the process of methylation and histone acetylation. By eating foods that positively affect those processes, you are essentially turning up or turning down the volume on those genes.

Epigenetics Explained

The word Epigenetic means, “in addition to the genetic sequence” and refers to any activity that changes the quality of the genes expression without changing the fundamental structure of the gene. We know that we inherited our genes from our parents, but recently scientists have learned that we also inherited their epigenetic programming—their unique styles of silencing genes or encouraging them to speak. And you’ve not only inherited your parents programming but your grandparents and great grandparents as well! But those programming patterns are not fixed, from the moment of conception, your genes begin to respond to the conditions of your mother’s womb, thus developing your own epigenetic responses to your environment. While you may have been genetically destined to respond in a particular way, the environmental conditions that you are exposed to in utero, as well as during childhood and throughout your life, have the ability to change how your genes will respond -both positively and negatively- in developing your own epigenetic responses. Through the Genotype Diet you have the ability to consciously affect your health with food, supplements, exercise, and lifestyle choices.

Diet by Genotype
Diet Profile: The GenoType Diet Recommendations take Blood Type, DNA Secretor Status and facets of fetal development to the next level by introducing foods that act as cellular medicine to the body.

Fitness through Genotyping
Health Strengths, Weaknesses & Risks: GenoTyping Has pinpointed the exact assets and flaws of each blood type and aspects of genetic expression according to cutting edge technology.

Psychological Profile: How does your mind work? What kind of Intelligence do you have? What is your emotional nature and how do you handle stress?

Metabolic profile with genotyping
Metabolic Profile: Every GenoType has a metabolism unique to its own set of physical Characteristics. Knowing how you metabolize foods, utilize nutrients and store fat is the first step in the process of weight loss success and maintenance

Exercise and Genotyping
Exercise: Whether you need to offset rapid aging like the Warrior with yoga or reduce stress by breaking a sweat like the Explorer, exercise specific to your GenoType will ensure your body’s peak performance.

Immune System Profile Each GenoType has a unique immune system response. GenoTyping provides recommendations on how to best manage and prevent illness.


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